Change your story and change the world

Are you searching for answers online, listening to podcasts and motivational videos but still cannot make a change in your life?

Are you disappointed in where you are in this chapter of your life?

You may not be where you want to be, but you don’t have to stay stuck and afraid or believe this is your only choice.

I know life is complex, but it can also be easy. You see when you shift your mindset, change your choices and narrative for your life you results change, to ones that serve you. Your story is unique and it's yours to tell, and that’s what the Story Inside You helps you to do – show who you are, where you have been and where you are going to make your life story extraordinary.

Dare to be you and find personal meaning, purpose, and ultimate joy in all aspects of your life.

Why Story Inside You

Story Inside You is what happens when you find an ally in life and in work.

It’s about helping women who are open and ready to change. Those who are tired of the past narrative and are willing to commit to change, be honest with themselves, and make the choice to reshape the chapters of their future.

The Story Inside You is about asking the right questions, listening, and empowering you to become your best self, to help you find that hidden story and bring it to light.

  • Embrace and love the beauty of you – past, present, and future
  • Become your best version of you. Shift your mindset and change your life
  • Be bold & Live the life you want on purpose and with Grace

Working with Naheemah, will have you Loving Your Story

As CEO and founder of Story Inside You, Naheemah has built a platform that empowers women to embrace their life and reshape their future with intention. She helps clients not only love their story but love themselves and tap into the greatness that was always theirs to live life on purpose.

She’s also living proof that you should answer your calling and start to make a change in the world.

She empowers her clients to reconnect and ignite the hope that drew dim, rewrite their story with words that illuminate their beauty and destiny to become what they dreamed.

For Naheemah, the Story Inside You is about helping you reach your full potential by:

  • operating with authenticity, integrity, and passion to see you walk in your God-given destiny
  • seeing the SHINE in you when you can’t see it yourself
  • empowering you with love and honesty to achieve your goals
  • helping you to unlock your personal power to take massive intentional action

Women's Empowerment Coaching for you to reclaim your power and live life intentionally

Is the Story Inside You coaching right for you?

Do you want to awaken your identity?

Are you ready to win at life?

Are you willing to shift your thinking to begin to see all that is possible in your life?

Is it your time to reclaim your truth, become active instead of reactive?

Are you ready to take command of your destiny?

Your past does not determine your future. Manifest your greatness. Live an intentional life and write your next chapter without any regrets.

Take a leap into your best life and apply to begin your transformational journey. (Limited spaces available)

  • The “Empowered Life on Purpose" Group Coaching Journey – Inside out empowerment and personal development wrapped in a community of support
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