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I enjoy hearing from women, moms, and young adults who want to know more about building a life with purpose. If you want to find out more about what working with me will be like, then simply complete the Contact Form.

My life coaching and empowerment programs are by application only because I want to ensure that we will be the right fit for each other. We need to be certain that I am the right coach that you need for this Chapter of your life.

Here’s what you can expect when you complete this contact form.

  1. I will review your message,  submit an application form to you for my coaching program. Your message here and the application will be a tool to help me understand your needs and what program to recommend if you have not chosen as yet.
  2. After review, we will schedule a 30-min call and can agree whether we would be a perfect fit for each other. Then we can commit to working together in the 1:1 Coaching program, The “Whole of Me” Group Coaching Journey or The “New Life Story:Life on Purpose” Mindset Mastermind, or if you need me for a Workshop or Speaking Engagement please specify that in your request.

So, your next step is to fill out this contact form and let’s get started on the Story Inside You.

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